Tuesday, August 24, 2004


The Republicans are at it again. Dissolving America from the inside in the name of short term profit.

A motley crew of Vietnam veterans has come forward to question John Kerry's service in Vietnam. Their TV spots have only run in a handful of states (three, I think), but the press (incompetent as they are) has amplified their effect a hundredfold.

The story that's not getting out is what these false charges are doing to America's soldiers, past, present and future. If the American people take these liars seriously, medals will mean nothing. Indeed, the Bush administration's often relies on the ability of propaganda to render facts obsolete. Case in point: the Bushies stack government panels with ideologues, so that policy can be shaped by corruption and superstition instead of the common good.

No one questions the fact that the U.S. military committed atrocities in Vietnam.

No one questions the fact that fighting the Vietnam war, at least the way we did it, was foolish. (See the Powell Doctrine, inspired by the Vietnam experience).

No one questions the fact that John Kerry valiantly saved the lives of his crew in Vietnam. On multiple occasions, no less.

Not only do the veterans who challenge Kerry have political motives, they weren't even present during the events for which Kerry won his awards! One of them has gone on record as saying his medal is worthless if Kerry was awarded a medal for the same engagement. Meanwhile, Kerry's crewmates, the men who were there, have stepped forward and backed Kerry 100%.

Are we going to let Bush and his agents complete their Orwellian scheme?

Will we let them rewrite history?

And if we do, what will a Purple Heart mean?

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