Wednesday, September 08, 2004



Yesterday, on a whim, I picked up a copy of Italian Dance Anthems + Euro Hits published on Ultra Records.

I knew I was guaranteed at least one great track, Mai Ai Hee by O-Zone, which I've heard on XM 81 (BPM).

As it turns out, the disc is really quite good. I instantly liked twelve of the seventeen tracks.

Now, there are many who will say that this disc is filled with cheese. Still, it's pretty solid cheese. This disc has some outstanding eurodance songs, filled with strong melodies and harmonies.

This kind of music continues in the tradition of the lightweight, outlandish 80's pop that I love. You know, back in the days when musicians would actually dress up for performances, and show some real joie de vivre. It's campy, but heartfelt. Grungy, sour, unplugged, downbeat, self-conscious, pretentious bands need not apply.

Aquapura's 17 and Benassi Brothers' Illusion are in English, but I really like listening to the tracks that sound Italian (Paps 'n' Skar's Mirage and Gabry Ponte's Figli De Pitigora). Some of the tracks that feature Italian lyrics or Italian accents have a distinctly romantic quality. Note: I don't speak Italian, so they could be saying something exceedingly silly, and I would still be impressed!

The music is mixed and mastered competently. The transitions between these short songs are quite abrupt, but they're not too disturbing.

Now... Put your hands in the air!

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Hey Doc,
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