Sunday, September 19, 2004

This about sums it up...

Michael Tomasky writes about The Pathetic Truth.

Democrats keep thinking that voters will do something as improbably nutritional as study a health care plan (as, surely, a scattered few do), and that the media will show themselves eager to write articles and broadcast discussion segments about health care plans. Both assumptions are folly.

George W. Bush has a record the Democrats should have made mincemeat of. Right about now, the media should be writing, and American voters should be thinking: Golly, a million jobs lost, millions more in poverty, manufacturing down; no WMD's, 1,000-plus dead, Iraq on the brink of civil war, al Qaeda larger than ever and still recruiting, acts of worldwide terrorism on the rise, North Korea and Iran responding to the cowboy routine by going nuclear.

This guy has me pegged.

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rob said...

Not to mention the fifteen million people who are gainfully employed but are either on the phone or away from their desk at the moment.I think they're really at the snack machine myself,or out playing golf.I make a bunch of calls during the week and based on my numbers it may even be more than that.