Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Analytic, Schmanalytic

I just read this little gem in the Wikipedia definition of Analytic Philosophy:
The method of Analytic philosophy is a generalized approach to philosophy. Originally associated with the very limited projects of logical analysis, it nowadays emphasizes (merely) a clear, precise approach with particular weight being placed upon argumentation and evidence, avoidance of ambiguity, and attention to detail. This has made many philosophical subjects more suited to specialization and precision work, and also less accessible than they were in the past. Arguably it has also resulted in philosophy having less of the sweeping "meaning of life" scope that is popularly associated with the term, and the critics of analytic philosophy sometimes level this point against it.
See, this is what ticks me off. One's distaste for the conclusion of a line of reasoning isn't a valid criticism of the reasoning itself. If it were, I could criticise thermodynamics on the basis that I don't much like cold weather: Thermodynamics, Schmermodynamics, Q.E.D.

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rob said...

I don't much care for cold weather either so what did I do move north to VT.
Smart,very smart.
I suppose I'm learning too though.
Next life.