Thursday, October 21, 2004

Newsflash: Bush supporters delusional

Why does Bush get so much support despite the Iraq war debacle? The new survey from the Program on International Policy Attitudes explains a lot.

Perceptions of Bush supporters:
72% of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq had actual WMD (47%) or a major program for developing them (25%).

75% of Bush supporters continue to believe that Iraq was providing substantial support to al Qaeda, and 63% believe that clear evidence of this support has been found.

Eighty-two percent of Bush supporters perceive the Bush administration as saying that Iraq had WMD (63%) or that Iraq had a major WMD program (19%).

...only 31% of Bush supporters recognize that the majority of people in the world oppose the US having gone to war with Iraq.

The Facts:
Iraq had no WMD, no programs to build WMD, a waning capacity to start programs for WMD, and no connection to al Qaeda. The majority of people in the world opposed the invasion of Iraq and oppose the reelection of Bush.

Bush's strength in the polls is due to the high level of ignorance of his supporters.


rob said...

Can't agree Doc.
Most likely a mixture of that and the overwhelming distrust of John Kerry.You can't be too happy with this candidate either,Doc.I don't think anybody is really, not like they were with Dean.Dean really believed in what he said and did nothing out of political expediency.I have a feeling Kerry wasn't your first choice in the primaries.
Got a chance to listen to one of my favorite Liberals today on the radio.
The former mayor of NY,Edward I Koch.
Used to listen to his radio show when I lived in CT.
He's still active in politics and will be campaigning for Hillary in 2008.
This year he'll vote republican.
Shaping up to be an interesting election.

Doctor Logic said...


I didn't say all Bush supporters were delusional. There are some people who will back Bush no matter what he does. However, the numbers in the survey are telling. If one believes that Iraq was an urgent threat or that Iraq partnered with al Qaeda, supporting Bush would be an easy choice. I really don't believe that all these ill-informed people, when told the truth, would remain Bush supporters.

Those of us who read the news know that for a fact that Bush is unethical and incompetent, and that his incompetence has killed more than a thousand Americans and thousands of civilians needlessly. Worse than needlessly: everyone in the world is now less safe than they were before.

Almost anybody is better than Bush. Seriously, at least 50% of the U.S. pouplation could do a better job than Bush. Why? Because they would perform the job with due deliberation and seriousness. We know that Bush is not even curious about what is going on. He carelessly acts and later prays that it was the right decision.

Remember when Treasury Secretary Paul O'Niell gave Bush his first briefing on the nation's economy? O'Niell spoke for an hour. Bush had no questions for his Treasury Secretary. NO QUESTIONS?!! Can you imagine that? Imagine, you are responsible for the United States, and your Treasury Secretary tells you the status of the economy and what his intended strategy is to keep millions of Americans employed and prosperous, you you can't even think of one question? Not one?

Does Kerry pander to the electorate? Sure he does. All politicians do, including W (remember W's empty promises to reduce CO2 emissions?). The important issue is what Kerry will do when he is sworn in as President. I think anyone who's paying attention can figure that out.


rob said...

Bush is a strange bird Doc,I grant you that.I have said this to a few people on the rare occasions I discuss politics these days.He annoys me in so many ways I can understand why some people have the level of disdain that they have for him.From his mannerisms to the manner in which he makes decisions,all comes under question to me.I shake my head in disbelief but not only with Bush but with the entire situation in the world today.The faulty way that the UN and the security council made decisions.I think the talks were tainted by ulterior motives.

How are we ever going to pull this world together when trust can't exist?Kerry isn't the answer I believe.He's going to the table with no chips Doc.Maybe one.

And that chip as Ed Koch was concerned about would be US support for Israel.Given growing anti-semitic sentiment in Europe these days I would say it should be a concern.

I have very little faith in mankind these days Doc,in a broad sense that is.

I'm OK when I get back home.