Monday, November 15, 2004

Movie Reviews

I'm working on another "deep" post, but for now, here's are three (short) movie reviews.

Saw the Incredibles last night. I rate it 6.5/10. Technically, the movie is well crafted. I thought the violence and suspense were a bit strong for young children, though none of the young kids at the movie theater cried during the show. The thing that spoiled the movie for me was the dialogue. They just had to go and throw in references to terrorism and tort reform. I dunno, maybe I'm getting overly sensitive in my old age. Also, Pixar's opening short, Bounding, was their lamest ever.

7/10. Nice, romantic film. Young Hugh Grant put in a good performance as Chopin. Don't know why, but I always find Bernadette Peters annoying. Loved Emma Thompson, as usual.

I really enjoyed this movie, even more than the original. 8.5/10. Bridget's hilarious friends played a less prominent role in the story :(, but the embarrassing moments weren't quite as embarrassing as in the first picture :). If you liked the first movie, you'll probably like the sequel.


Robin Zebrowski said...

Really 6.5 for the incredibles? I enjoyed it quite a bit (although my enjoyment may be much like your disappointment insofar as reading into it things that may not have been there). I didn't notice the terrorism reference, but I would swear there were at least 2 serious nods of respect to Star Wars, one to the Matrix and one even to Kevin Smith. Those all raised it in my estimation, but there's also a chance none of those things were intended as the nods of respect I took them to be!

Doctor Logic said...

Hi Robin,

In the cave on the island, the mother explains that the bad guys aren't like the bad guys you've seen on TV because they'll kill children. The mother's advice? Something to the effect of "loyalty no matter what, and, above all, don't think!"

Who wrote this stuff?

I don't know. Maybe it isn't supposed to mean anything. Still, it's not as bad as Star Trek: Enterprise. That show is total propaganda, and it deserves Klingon discommendation from all true trekkers!