Saturday, January 29, 2005

Iraq was not an intelligence failure

President Bush blames the intelligence services for providing faulty information about Saddam Hussein's WMD programs. This is a distraction. The President's cabinet manufactered a false intelligence backdrop on which Bush painted his Iraq War.

Dick Cheney created an office at the Pentagon specifically for the purpose of building an intelligence case against Iraq. The Office of Special Plans (OSP) was headed Douglas Feith. Feith, by the way, is an advocate of Israel's hard-line Likud party, a party that opposed the Oslo peace accords. He is also currently under investigation for indirectly disclosing U.S. intelligence secrets to Israel.

The OSP cherry-picked intelligence and sent it directly to the Vice President so that the cooked intelligence reports would not be scrutinized by the CIA or the DIA. Bush can only be considered a victim of this fraud if we absolve him of responsibility for knowing less than I did about what was going on in the executive branch in 2002. Americans generously provided this absolution on November 2nd.

Feith has tendered his resignation for "personal" reasons. I hope to see this man given a new assignment by the Federal government, preferably manufacturing license plates.

Unforgivably, Bush, Cheney, Feith, Rumsfeld and Rice have treated our men and women in uniform with contempt befitting a child's broken toy. We all want to believe that our troops fought and died with honor to make America safer. That our soliers have not died for nothing. Now we learn that they fought and died with honor, but for less than nothing. Thanks to the Bush administration, our soldiers have lost lives and limbs to make America and the world a more dangerous place. No wonder Bush can't bring himself to attend a single military funeral.

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