Tuesday, March 08, 2005

As I was saying...

Hidden in today's so-called "analysis" ("Mideast strides lift Bush") from in the Washington Post:

"We're getting ahead of ourselves," said Mara Rudman, senior vice president for strategic planning at the Center for American Progress. And the more Bush takes credit, she added, the more counterproductive it will be to genuine popular movements that do not want to be associated with Americans. "Frankly, if we really care about helping the forces of reform in the region, the best way to do it is without our fingerprints."


"If Bush fails to comprehend those subtle nuances, and makes the fatal mistake of arrogantly portraying a Syrian withdrawal in Lebanon as a personal triumph for himself in his 'War on Terror' and his 'Spreading Democracy' campaign -- the fruits may turn out to be very bitter indeed," Ray Close, a former CIA officer who served in Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East, wrote in an analysis sent to colleagues. "We are again tampering here with a very fragile structure."

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