Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Border Insecurity

A terrorism suspect, Luis Posada Carriles, has crossed into the United States illegally by way of the Mexican border.

This story is important for two reasons.

First, this demonstrates that our borders are not secure. We can have a guest worker program if we have to, but the U.S.-Mexican border needs to be controlled. There's effectively no security there.

Why does Bush do nothing to remedy the situation? As far as I can tell, he thinks that if he presses the military attack on the known terrorists of the world, they will be too preoccupied to attack our open borders. This strategy is based on two false premises: that we know who all the terrorists are, and that the number of terrorists is constant. Of course, U.S. foreign policy has created more terrorists than it has killed, and we have no way of knowing who the new bad guys are. It's not easy to fight asymmetric warfare against determined individuals who can fund their attacks with pocket change, and probably impossible to fight them with our flank unprotected.

Second, Bush now has the opportunity to do something right in his "War on Terror." Carriles, a self-described terrorist bomber, is angling for asylum here. If the Justice Department doesn't come down on this guy like a ton of bricks, something is very, very wrong. The world is watching.

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rob said...

Stick him in Abu Ghraib.