Thursday, April 07, 2005

USA! USA! USA is number... 17?

U.S. universities have slipped lower in an international programming contest, with the top U.S. contestant, the University of Illinois, placing 17th.

There's no substitute for government leadership here. Why do corporations want to throw a ton of money at American college students who will cost more to hire? They don't. They would rather hire Chinese and Russian programmers who, incidentally, won the ACM contest.

What we need is a national project like Apollo or Manhattan. John Kerry proposed a national alternative energy project that would parallel those great American enterprises that built this country into the greatest nation on Earth. Alas, JFK didn't win the election. That's okay though. You can teach your kids Russian and Chinese, and if they work really hard, they might get into a top school like Shanghai Jiao Tong University or Moscow State.

Go Red Bears!


Nevin ":-)" said...

So Doctor Software Practitioner, where are your solutions to the ACM Programming Contest?

Doctor Logic said...

Er... I'm not a college student. Yeah, that's it. ;-)

Actually, it looks like a lot of fun. Did you look at last year's challenge?