Thursday, June 02, 2005

Revenge of the Watergate Crooks

It's hard to believe, but press reports about Deep Throat's unmasking are dominated by condemnation from the original gang of Watergate criminals.

President Richard Nixon's re-election campaign used illegal wiretaps and burglaries to spy on the Democratic National Committee office, then located in the Watergate Hotel. Nixon and his staff then tried to cover up the burglary by having the CIA interfere in the FBI investigation of the crimes.

The crooks who committed these crimes, and members of Nixon's White House staff, now read like a Who's Who of far right politics:

  • G. Gordon Liddy - Convicted Watergate burglar and persecutor of Pentagon Vietnam whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg. Now a right-wing talkshow host.

  • Chuck Colson - Convicted Watergate burglar. Now an advocate for "faith-based" prisons and Christian evangelical "just war" in Iraq.

  • Patrick Buchanan - Nixon advisor, speechwriter and suspected dirty tricks henchman.

  • Robert Bork - Reagan Supreme Court nominee. The only man in the Justice Department who would follow Nixon's order to fire the Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox.

  • William Rehnquist - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. Assistant Attorney General under Nixon, and the man who demanded that the Washington Post cease publication of the Pentagon Papers.

Together, the Nixon team:

  • Burglarized the homes and offices of political opponents looking for embarrasing or incriminating evidence.

  • Used the CIA to obstruct domestic investigations, and possibly ordered the CIA to commit domestic assasinations (murders!).

  • Spread lies and rumors about political opponents, including forged letters from Democratic candidates.

  • Concealed the fact that we were losing the Vietnam War, then persecuted the whistleblower who revealed this Defense Department conclusion in the Pentagon Papers.

It's shameful that any of the Nixon people are allowed anywhere near government and politics, but it's a total outrage that Colson, Liddy and Buchanan dare to criticize W. Mark Felt, the whistleblower who blew the lid off of their corrupt, crooked, administration.


Axiologist said...

But look at the bright side, doc:
The Bush administration has learned from Nixon's mistakes: It
takes care to legalize crimes before it commits them.

Doctor Logic said...

True, true.

The scary thing is what bin Laden has done to this country. The more Bush scandals are publicized, the more the Bush people push back on the press. Though Bush commits crimes as bad as Nixon's, the public and the press forgives him (in the name of "national security").

Okay, I'll try to write about something less depressing next time. :)

Robin Zebrowski said...

The Daily Show did a great bit on this - Liddy said Felt was "unethical" and Jon Stewart had a field day with it.