Monday, September 12, 2005

Hail Pharyngula!

Want to keep track of the creationist war on science? Look no further than P.Z. Myers' wonderful blog about evolutionary biology. It's called Pharyngula.

One of today's posts is about so-called irreducible complexity. Irreducible complexity is an invention of creationists. It is the claim that certain evolved structures, like the human eye, are not only complex, but would be useless if any of their component parts were missing. Creationists then conclude that the odds of evolution coming up with all of the pieces independently are too remote.

As usual, creationism gets to append this argument to its litany of failures. Myers' blog post explains just how seemingly complex structures can evolve. Creationists ignore the effects of mutations that are harmless and of mutations that are orthogonally beneficial. Evolution is quite capable of building systems that naively appear designed.

I shall add that I'm very impressed with Myers' ability to write great blog posts, and write them so fast. It seems to take me forever to write even the simplest post. (This post originally featured a poker analogy, but it was taking me way too long to write up.)

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Mark J Musante said...

I offer this up as a parapharase of Clarke. Googling has not found any similar phrasings.

Any sufficiently evolved biology is indistinguishable from design.