Thursday, September 01, 2005

National Disgrace!

Though it has been three days since hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, we still don’t have the enough food, medical supplies, shelter, security or transportation for the victims.

Why do we not see convoys of relief vehicles carrying victims to safety and ensuring that humanitarian needs are met? Why are there not enough National Guard troops on the ground to ensure security?

President Bush needs to be held accountable for this outrage. Not only has the President failed to maintain a viable national disaster response program, he has failed to show even the minimum level of concern and leadership that we would expect of any responsible citizen in his place.

If you feel the same way, please write to your local newpaper.

You think to yourself, "surely, the government must have evacuation plans for major cities in the event of disaster or terror attack, right?" Now, you know. They don't. George W. Bush should be impeached for this debacle.


Peg said...
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Peg said...

I also believe, as I see more and more of the New Orleans and Mississippi that a lack of communication between State Governments and Federal Governments were also to blame for much of the lack of relief to these people.
My big question also is why, for those who could not afford to get out, where these people not bussed, flown, whatever it took to get them out of harm's way? For those who could afford to leave and refused is another story, but those who wanted to leave, could not! Why were the military planes and transportation in the private sectors not available to these people!?
Yes, I believe that all the governmetn officials involved need to revamp FEMA along with other emergency situations and communications that no one ever thinks will happen, but does!!

Doctor Logic said...

You're right, Peg.

A friend lent me an audio CD called "Creating a Presidency". It's a question and answer session with Thomas Jefferson. During the show, the actor playing Jefferson claimed that any President who fails to protect his people should be impeached. Hear, hear!

What happened on the Gulf coast is pure negligence on the part of the president.

1) Louisiana did not have the resources to deal with the problem by itself.

2) FEMA had previously declared that New Orleans was a top-three disaster waiting to happen.

3) There has been no planning for evacuation of metropolitan centers in the event of natural or terror disaster.

4) Even after the tragedy began to unfold, it was still days before Bush got off his backside to do anything about it. And where is Cheney?

5) In his comments after the tragedy, Bush voiced a zero tolerance policy for "lawbreakers" in New Orleans. That's his big concern?

6) What would you or I do in Bush's place? Wouldn't we be demanding that the Pentagon solve this problem? We would say, look, no one takes the bus to school today because we need the buses to help with the evacuation. We would make hotel vouchers available to evacuees. I mean, who goes on vacation and stays in a sports stadium? No responsible person would have been so unprepared, and no reponsible person would have reacted so ineffectually. The man is a national security threat.

7) America has been thoroughly humiliated by Bush. Our enemies are laughing their asses off, and our allies are watching our decline with a mix of sadness and resignation.

We deserve a president who is smart, visionary, caring, knowledgeable and most of all, a great leader. Bush isn't worthy to live in this country, let alone lead it.

I'm ranting, but I mean every word.

Peg said...

*sigh* I have no answers.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me how politically couragous people can be when they can lurk behind anonymous masks. Our leaders may not be perfect, but at least they have the courage to expose who they are and state what they stand for in their own name -- that's more than I can say for the writer of this blog. Our nation may not be perfect, but it's better than any other nation in human history by almost every measure. If you wish to debate that, Dr. Logic, come out from behind your cowardly anonymous mask and do so. But you won't. Because you are a coward.

Doctor Logic said...

Interesting comment Mr... oh, wait, who are you again?

For your information, I received a rude phone call only yesterday from some wingnut who didn't like a recent letter I wrote to the newspaper. I've also been to protests and do political volunteer work.

Katrina wasn't preventable, and there's no doubt that people would have been killed by the storm no matter what the government did. However, I am certain that hundreds or thousands of lives would have been saved if Bush had not been criminally negligent. The reason that he is a public figure and stands in his own name IS SO CAN WE HOLD HIM ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS ACTIONS!

When I came to the USA a more than a quarter century ago, it was a dream come true. I always wanted to be an American. I loved American individualism, its can-do spirit, the space program, and its role as defender of freedom. I always knew it wasn't perfect. No country is. I was very proud to become a US citizen. The thought of living anywhere else in the world was unthinkable.

Then came the Iraq WMD scandal, Plamegate, bungled terrorism cases, the energy task force scandal, the Halliburton scandals, unauthorized transfers of $700M to Iraq from Afghanistan, the Medicare scandal, the Bush war on science, bogus news releases, fake reporters, Global Warming denial, Ground Zero's unsafe air, and Abu Ghraib.

And did Americans hold Bush accountable for these outrages? No. They re-elected the bastard.

But Katrina takes the cake. If Americans refuse to hold Bush accountable for the needless deaths of hundreds of American citizens on U.S. soil, then maybe we should all give up the illusion that we live in a great society. Time is running out.