Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Republican Kool-Aid

From the Washington Post:

It is a problem that now appears destined to follow Bush through the final years of his presidency -- a clear failure of his 2000 campaign promise to be a "uniter, not a divider."

A Washington Post-ABC News poll taken last Friday illustrates the point vividly. Just 17 percent of Democrats said they approved of the way Bush was handling the Katrina crisis while 74 percent of Republicans said they approved. About two in three Republicans rated the federal government's response as good or excellent, while two in three Democrats rated it not so good or poor.

Two in three Republicans rated the federal government's response as good or excellent? Apparently, Republicanism has been reduced to the Cult of Bush. Sick.

And what is it with the press? Can't they report the fact that federal response was utterly dismal without asking for partisan opinions? Go to the experts on disaster relief and ask them, not Bush's campaign manager.


Anonymous said...

You state: "And what is it with the press? Can't they report the fact that federal response was utterly dismal ..."

A fact? The federal response was FACTUALLY dismal? How exactly did you come to this set of FACTS in what is still the middle of a very complex response to an overlapping series of crises?

Your blog is a joke. Dcotor Logic indeed. :)

Doctor Logic said...

Here's a timeline with references including official White House, Department of Defense, and State documents.

Read it and weep:

Anonymous said...

The timeline is your proof?

FEMA has done exactly what they are supposed to do. The U.S. President has done likewise.

Under the Constitution of the United States (a document which you seem to be ignorant of) conduct and responsibilities are specified with respect to federal powers and state powers. In the state in question, the legal responsibilities for declaring a state of emergency and ordering a mandatory evacuation lies not with the U.S. President, nor even with the governor, but with the mayor of the city. The New Oreleans mayor failed to act. How do you explain the school busses which could have been used to evacuate people? THOUSANDS of people could have been evacuated, but the mayor thought it better to sit on his resources and blame Bush instead.

When something as large as Katrina hits, it takes a few days to marshall the resources. It doesn't help that idiot locals were shooting at the rescue helicopters, which also slowed things down.

It really doesn't help that idiots like you immediately jump on the "Trash Bush" bandwagon because you have a political agenda. Shame on you. Shame on you.

What yave you done to help those poor people? I have given money, helped to organize a fund raiser and supported the people providing help. What have you done besides complain about Bush? Shame on you.

Doctor Logic said...

The timeline is more than adequate proof.

And from FEMA's web site:
FEMA's continuing mission within the new department is to lead the effort to prepare the nation for all hazards and effectively manage federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident. FEMA also initiates proactive mitigation activities, trains first responders, and manages the National Flood Insurance Program and the U.S. Fire Administration.

They failed in their mission. Their performance has degraded because Bush appointed political friends to run FEMA instead of qualified professionals. Their support for other hurricane-stricken areas in the past was far more rapid. Plus, FEMA saw NOLA coming, having stated in 2001 that it was one of the top 3 disasters they were prepping for.

Read the timeline again. The Mayor and the Governor announced a State of Emergency before Katrina hit. I'm not saying that state and local authorities did everything they should have. I'm saying that FEMA and the President didn't do their jobs.

Your comment about the Constitution is inane. By your logic, every federal agency outside the treasury and the DoD (e.g., FEMA, FDA, CDC, NIST, NASA, FCC, OSHA, etc,.) have no responsibility to do their jobs because the Constitution says so.

Are you seriously saying Bush should have continued his 5-week vacation after the hurricane struck? Are you even claiming he should even have had a 5-week vacation while our men and women are dying in an Iraq War that he botched? Should he get two vacations a year? And FEMA should have turned back aid from so many sources?

Your contributions to disaster relief are commendable. However, charities cannot raise the billions needed, nor can they marshall the resources necessary for disaster relief. That's why FEMA was created. There are insufficient resources in Louisiana to deal with an emergency of this scale, and the President knew it.

American democracy is dying because the people fail to demand accountability from this authoritarian goverment. Bush isn't our King. He's in office to serve the people, and he won't deserve our respect until he does so.

Anonymous said...

(I responded with a similar comment earlier today, which seems to have disappeared ... )

But what have YOU done?

What have YOU PERSONALLY done to help with this terrible situation? You seem to be good at complaining, and at jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions regarding the intent of the U.S. President, but you have not answered my question regarding your own actions. What have YOU done? I told you what I did -- which admittedly is not nearly enough. But it was in my power to do something, and so I have. Just as it is in your power. But your lack of response betrays a lack of action as well as a distinct lack of credibility.

If you want to investigate FACTS, tell me this:

What has been the average response time of FEMA over the past decade? Was the Katrina/NOLA response significantly longer? How about the Katrina/Gulfport-Biloxi response? How long does it usually take, doc logic?

Doctor Logic said...


Whether I gave more than you to disaster relief is irrelevant, both rhetorically and in matters of fact.

The immediate needs are at least $60 billion. Charitable contributions might reach 5% of this total 3 months from now. No doubt, the total cost of this disaster will be at least $100 billion and possibly more - well beyond the scope of charitable relief.

Look, you obviously care about the victims of the disaster. I claim that you would have done a far better job than Bush or Mike Brown. Knowing since 2001 what the consequences of a Cat 3+ hurricane in NOLA would be, you would have begun deploying helicopters, warships, military vehicles and relief supplies to the region well ahead of the storm. Even if the Governor hadn't requested federal assistance, you wouldn't have needed her permission to do deploy to nearby bases and staging areas. What's the worst that would happen to you if you took these common-sense precautions? People might say you wasted taxpayer dollars? And wouldn't it be worth losing your job over?

I'm saying that Bush & Co were negligent (maybe criminally so), and did a much worse job than any responsible citizen would have done in their place. You don't have to take my word for it. Just ask bona fide disaster relief experts.

As a U.S. citizen, I am not out of line for demanding that my federal officials do the job they were hired to do. Without accountability, democracy is mostly worthless.

Anonymous said...

First, once again, you did not answer my question in terms of what you personally have done. I can only assume that you have done nothing, which speaks loudly of your character. To dismiss such questioning as irrelevant is, at the very least, a logical fallacy -- something you seem to know very little about.

Second, the very article that you reference to support your case states:
"The slow response to Katrina and poor federal leadership is a replay of 1992's mishandling of Hurricane Andrew, said former FEMA chief of staff Jane Bullock, a 22-year veteran of the agency."

Clearly, the pattern of "mishandling" during disasters is not unique to the NOLA incident ... this is the fact of the matter.

To make the claim that the current administration is criminally responsible is itself irresponsible, not supported by facts, and irrelevant ... like most of what I have read on your site.

Doctor Logic said...

Your faulty reasoning is a clear case of fallacy ad hominem.

I give you a two-page article quoting experts, detailing federal government failures to respond to Katrina, and you cherry-pick one line about Bush 41's handling of hurricane Andrew in 1992?

You need to think long and hard about your unconditional worship of George W. Bush. It seems to me that there is no wrong he could do that you would fault him for.

rob said...

Sorry, of both the blue or red kool-aid neither appeals to me much. I searched for a timeline a few days ago to help me understand what went so wrong. Despite the fact it appears to be a right wing group I think you'll agree the composer put forth a serious non-partisan effort.

I agree with his conclusion as to fault and look forward to the appointment of what is (I hope) an independent commision for a more complete investgation and whose findings and recommendations we can then ignore and not implement.