Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mr. Opportunity Cost

That's George W. Bush's legacy. All the opportunities that were missed because of this president.

We lost the opportunity to pay off the national debt because Bush insisted on giving tax breaks to America's millionaires.

We lost the opportunity to prevent some natural disasters by not taking aggressive action on CO2 emissions. Some global warming related disasters were inevitable because the world acted too late, but instead of starting to cut emissions now, Bush just ignored the problem. Maybe we'll get another decade of disasters thanks to Bush.

We got hit on September 11th 2001 largely because Bush ignored the terrorist threat. Outgoing Clinton officials warned him that Al Qaida was threat number one. He even got a memo from the intelligence services in August. What did he do? Nothing. He just wasted time, effort and goodwill on a useless missile defense system.

America's lead in technology is fading fast. Without public investment in nanotech or alternative energy, Americans will have no economic advantage over other nations. Jobs and money will flow elsewhere because who wants to pay Americans four times as much as, say, the Indians for comparable work? Sorry kids. America was once a great nation, like ancient Greece. Then Bush became president. He opened up free trade without securing American economic advantage. The very richest Americans got much richer because they had international portfolios. Everyone else got screwed.

After 9/11, the world stood with us in solidarity. We could have created a new world order, and solved old conflicts across the globe. Nope. Bush decided to go to war for personal reasons, and now America is seen by most people around the world as a threat as big as terrorism itself. Bastard.

The military. Bush lied and sent us to war without cause and without planning. He broke every rule of the Powell Doctrine. Now thousands of soldiers and civilians have died for less than nothing. We are now less safe than we were before, and the terrorists have benefited massively from our folly.

Okay, I have places to go to day, so I'll finish this very long list some other time.

Today's missed opportunity is in Kashmir earthquake relief. The U.N. says it needs $250 million for urgent relief needs like food and helicopters. This is needed to maintain supply lines for three million people living in the region. The U.N. says that this is our last chance to keep thousands of people alive in a region that recently saw 55,000 deaths.

Bush, you idiot! Help these people! You're all "culture of life" until people get born, then you don't give a damn! So, now millions more around the world will know that the United States could have saved the lives of thousands of Muslims in the region, could have taken a leadership role, but chose not to. $250 million is a pittance for what we would all be getting.

Another day, another lost opportunity.

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