Sunday, November 06, 2005

Don't Impeach Bush for Lying

A report in yesterday's New York Times makes it clear that the Bush administration quoted the claims of Iraqi exiles and Al Qaeda prisoners as justification for invading Iraq. Yet, in 2002, the CIA regarded these claims as fabrications. Armando at Daily Kos says that this shows Bush lied to the American people to spur the Iraq War. Certainly plausible.

However, there is another possibility. The White House Iraq Group may have just been saps and suckers for terrorist misdirection. The terrorists got exactly what they wanted out of 9/11, namely, an expansion of holy war on both sides. Instead, of being treated as criminals, the jihadists are treated like soldiers. (And, thanks to the abuse scandals, there's no apparent difference in prisoner status between a soldier and a terrorist). Al Qaeda couldn't have asked for a better outcome.

Bush is weak and dangerously incompetent. The first and most vital role of the executive is to protect the nation. It is for his inability to live up to this role that Bush should be impeached.

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