Tuesday, November 08, 2005

No More Common Men

From MSNBC's coverage of the Virginia Governor's race:
Before a crowd of Republican volunteers and activists Bush praised Kilgore as a man who grew up on a farm and "understands how the common man thinks." Kilgore, he said, "doesn’t have a lot of fancy airs.”
I'm so sick of this "common man" rubbish!!! Ignorance and simple-mindedness is not a virtue. It is a curse!

The President is a fine example of everything that's wrong with this approach. Here's a man who doesn't read, can't speak English, doesn't care what's going on in the world, doesn't care about the people's problems, aspires to nothing, and is a disgrace to our once great nation.

We want leaders who are learned, who are diplomats, who are great orators, who appreciate the arts, who understand the sciences, and who care for the plight of the common man. And such men are not common.

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Peg said...

Here! Here! But you don't have to be an eloquent speaker to have what you want in a president! There are alot of great men who are not great speakers. You need great thinkers, as you have also stated,and in the ethical direction but where in the world do you know of such moral men? I do not believe they are of this earth!

Show me a man who desires to be true to truth and I will show you a man who will easily and relentlessly be cut to the quick.