Tuesday, November 01, 2005

United Brotherhood of It's None of Your Damn Business

What consenting adults do in he privacy of their own homes is none of anybody else's damn business. You want to ban a woman's right to choose, porn, French fries, science education, and birth control?

Well, if you do, your guns are next, and so is your religion.

And there are good reasons to ban them both. Thousands of people die needlessly in our gun culture, and not just in gun battles between gun owners. The lives of innocent people are destroyed every day by someone else's right to own a gun. Religion? A system designed to deprive people of critical thinking? A system responsible for the deaths of billions? Sounds like a threat to national security to me.

If I can tolerate your dogmas and killing machines, I think you can tolerate my right to privacy. It's the American way.

The American way is all about freedom. Freedom comes with responsibility. People can do harm with guns, religion and sex, but Americans choose to be free anyway. You get the whole package. You don't get to pick and choose freedoms based on arbitrary criteria, and you don't have the right to use the state to tell people what to do in the privacy of their own homes.

The title of this post is taken from the film The American President.

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Wakefield Tolbert said...

Well, if you do, your guns are next, and so is your religion.

That's long been on the liberal agenda. The have the will, just not a way around this sticky issue called "the Constitution"--that magical document that has some thorny details that don't always give credence to, say, PZ Myers.

Europe has virtually banned religion in any real sense of the world by infantilizing its population into a docile state of obedience to government edicts.

And of course guns are long gone.

Not that this will stop the coming age of Eurabia or more terror attacks.

I should add, however, there ARE some MOSQUES going up here and there even while the cathedral are relatively empty.

The reason is quite simple.

Secularism is not even a goal. Or a moral ideal, per se. But a present-tense state of being that has no moral precepts other than sumptious pleasures and what others can render to me.

Nations in decline are alreays nice places to be, like Sweden, even if half the populace is on the dole. Or more.

Islamists of course seek to fill in the blank stares about life with a little more activism. Which is precisely why Islam, in a culture that lacks confidence, will never have trouble among the youth of Europe in drumming up recruits. Not everyone wants to spend all day at the beach sucking down wine on the government dole, after all--much as that aspect of liberal democracy is advertised.

Those on this side of the Pond who DO have some native cultural confidence left in their veins are referred to as "fascist" for disdaining these dibilitating effects of secularist culture, or not wanting anything to do with Elton John's vaseline and champaigne parties.

But to each is own, I guess.