Sunday, January 29, 2006

Intelligent Design is a Fraud

After many months of debating ID advocates online, I'm coming to the conclusion that ID proponents aren't just confused. They're like preachers: openly fraudulent.

Their mission has nothing to do with science, reason and explanation. It's about public relations, rhetoric and selling an idea to people who don't understand science. This is why their noise level in the debate is so disproportionate to the strength of their claims. The unqualified statement that "evolution and ID are both just theories" is a blatant lie.

ID's mission is based on the Church's long-standing principle that people should outsource their understanding of the world (and their morality) to "higher" authorities, despite the total inability of those authorities to back up their claims with evidence.

Since the Dover trial discredited ID as a fraud, the ID Web sites have been reduced to whining about the persecution they endure at the hands of what they regard as pro-atheist press (you have got to be kidding me).

I can hear Richard Dawkins and PZ Meyers say in unison, "I told you so!"


Peg said...

Now Dr. it seems the shoe is on the other foot as I have heard many a good scientists believe in their trying to decipher the genetic code and other phenomena such as the big bang theory that in truth the scientific explanation of the where and how we came to be also has many holes left uncovered.
Is it really so hard for you to believe that yes, there really is in fact a higher authority, not a scapegoat for our own selfish intentions, but one who has indeed created everything so perfectly to defy even the thoughts, equations, and scientific explorations of the very creatures he created?
Just a mere thought in a humble mind.
Like the pastor who holds a degree in engineering. "It just can't be done!" But it is.

Doctor Logic said...

Hi Peg,

Consider why you are supporting ID. You support it because you think that God made the universe, so that must be some form of intelligent design. You support them for theological reasons, not scientific ones.

ID is a sham. ID isn't science, and it doesn't belong in science class. ID is religion.

You want to echo the sentiment that science hasn't explained away God. You are right that science does not yet have explanations for everything. But a lack of scientific explanations doesn't add up to an alternative scientific explanation.

ID pretends to be scientific. They go directly to the public claiming that a huge conspiracy theory keeps ID out of scientific journals and the public schools. You are taking their side because you want to win the debate for God.

Yet, for believers, ID isn't even good theology. First, if a god created the universe, he didn't need to tamper with the design of humans. He could set the universe in motion such that we evolved into what we are today. If he had to tamper with our construction all the way along, then he would be demonstrating his initial incompetence. Second, why should god give us the ability to discover the laws of Nature, but then lie to us through those laws? This doesn't fit in with Christian theology. Christians should be scientists because Nature is God's book.

Of course, I think all theology is bad. As I have written here before, God doesn't explain anything at all. God is just a name to describe what you don't understand. Unless ignorance is bliss, we should feel no sense of accomplishment at labeling the unknown.

So, intelligent design is the intellectual equivalent of the penis extension pill. ID can't back up their claims that their pill works, but they can convince a lot of people to invest in ID anyway. Their business is all PR, and no actual research.

Personally, I think the penis extension pill business has the higher moral ground. At least their ideas are testable in principle, and they don't demand that we indoctrinate our children as to the benefits of their fraudulent product.

Doctor Logic said...


I just re-read my comment. It wasn't written very diplomatically. I should not have been telling you what you think. That was rude of me. Sorry.

Peg said...

No harm done Doc! I firstly am a big girl and had you even stepped on my toe, I say ouch, move on and later hit yours (toe) with a hammer!! ;-0}
Okay, point well taken on my deciphering ID ism. But at least I got the adrenaline flowing.
I suppose ID to you is the same as when I look at so called "religion".
Hmm, but I could be wrong!!
Have a good day, Doc.

rob said...

Not my Intelligent Design, Doc.

Case in point...

My sis-in-law wants to do a master bathroom. She had two contractors layout the room and the prices were 34,000 and 27,000 respectfully. She pleaded with me do the work
(I can work for family because I'm that good) so I layed out the room and she loves it. I can do the job for twenty thousand maybe a hair more.

Here's the thing.

Two contractors, even given the small space and limited possibilities missed the best, most obvious layout for the room. Why?

I don't know.

They lack brains or experience and possibly both.

They got the money part down pretty well though.

Just flaunting,