Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Dangerous Idea

I haven't finished reading all of the dangerous ideas at The Edge, but I wanted to write down my dangerous idea.

Later in this century, when we understand the mechanics of life, we will have the option of changing human nature. We will eventually be faced with a choice between life as usual and the very survival of intelligent life on this planet.

I see three possible options.
  1. Carry on as homo sapiens sapiens and eventually destroy the planet and every work of humanity.

  2. Enhance ourselves in a way that makes us less destructive.

  3. Enter a system where we humans have maximum freedom of thought, but no freedom of action in the physical world.

I see option 2 as not that much more survivable than option 1. Even if enhanced humans are smarter and have greater consensus, there might still be mental illness. When everyone can build their own weapons of mass destruction using their desktop PC and nanofactory, we have a problem.

That leaves option 3. This third option is an attempt to obtain the benefits of technology without rendering the system totally unstable (like Marvel Universe).

How could such a world be implemented?

We will want to have minimize restrictions on thought and information, but limit our individual ability to cause damage to others. Perhaps we humans will all live in the Happy Borg Collective(TM), where it takes broad consensus to act physically. Or maybe we'll all retire to the Happy Matrix(TM) and leave the work of galactic colonization to our operating system robots.

Hey, coming up with a dangerous idea is the easy part. Navigating the danger? That's hard!


rob said...

See, now I believe that not too far in the future, when all humans have large amounts of Latino blood in their veins, the world will be a more peaceful place.

And a muy caliente one too.

I'm a little upset actually that I wasn't born later.

Let's hope for reincarnation, huh?

Doctor Logic said...


What are you talking about? You just have to hang on a few more years, and we'll find the cure for aging!

Check out this CBS 60 Minutes video.

rob said...

Then please, call me