Sunday, February 05, 2006

Clark in 2008

I read a recent Q&A session with former WMD inspector Scott Ritter. Scott Ritter strikes me as a bit of a loon, but he did say something interesting:
A lot of Democrats voted for Ronald Reagan. You need a candidate who motivates Republicans. You are weak on foreign policy, national security and homeland security. All you have to do is tell Americans they should be afraid. Republicans exploit that fear. Democrats need someone who can explain how to deal with their fear.
Sad, but true. American voters are fearful and irrational.

I used to think that our national institutions ensured the great success of our democracy. Now, I'm beginning to see that that success was a blend of good leadership, when we had it, and good fortune.

A large proportion of American voters are ignorant about what is going on in their country and around the world. They need to be led by someone who knows what's going on, and cares about America. Today, we lack that leadership. The Republicans have exploited American cowardice to implement policies that have devastated America and its reputation.

Wesley Clark is the strongest leader I have seen on the Democratic side. He's also a four-star General, an American hero, and a Rhodes Scholar. That should be enough to win even the American chickenry vote.

Check out the Q&A session with Wesley Clark at the end of his Real State of the Union address. He speaks like a president should.

If these reasons aren't enough to win votes, then the Democrats must start playing by the rules of the Republicans: treat Americans like cowardly simpletons, and exploit their fears. If we're going to elect a leader using an irrational process, we should at least end up with someone who'll move the country in the right direction. The stakes are too high for us to lose again.


Peg said...

Oh for pete's sake, here we go again! Republicans are for the rich, Democrats are for the poor. Rep want high taxes, Dems low taxes.
When will the American people wake up and stop being party minded!! It is not about party although unfortunately we live in a society where you MUST believe in one party or another and not the person who is campaigning for leadership!
When the AMerican people stop seeing the dollar signs behind the campaign and realize that Party affiliation means nothing more than the boys with the biggest toys and the lies will be the same maybe then we can get good, sound people elected to run this country. But until then I have little hope!!
Republicans Democrats Independents still smells the same when their integrity is missing!

Tired of playing those party games!

Doctor Logic said...

Hi Peg,

All politicians have to lie from time to time. That's the way politics works. It's not their fault. If they speak candidly at all times they'll lose because most Americans have the attention span of a squirrel.

Both political parties have their share of crooks (though Republicans are a lot more corrupt), but you can't say there's no difference between the parties.

It most certainly is about party. There are honest differences of opinion about fiscal policy, taxation, defense, energy policy, etc. It's not a matter of voting for a nice guy independent of what he plans to do. The nicest guy in the world can still screw us if he supports unworkable ideas.

(How many times have we heard that Americans pick leaders based on whether they would be good drinking buddies? Are we citizens or barflies? Apparently, we're the latter.)

You may be tired of these party games, but there's no solution other than to form political parties. This is the only game in town.

Unless you have another suggestion? ;)

Peg said...

Yes I do Doc, but it will never fly because money talks.
I would like to see each state pick a candidate for President, then these candidates go before all the states with their ideas, past records, and present issue ideas. Then we continue to narrow it down until we arrive at one. WE throw out all the insiders who play cloak and dagger tactics with the upper crust and we the people remember/learn that these elected officials are our servants. Their pay scale goes down immensely and this too will help prove that they want the job because they believe in America and this too will help the large debt incurred. And will also remind these people that they truly are public servants.
IF these elected officials begin to renig on their issues they are thrown out of office and the next in line tries his realm. And so on.....But you have to remember too we must keep all foreign policy and behind the scenes play time out of the hands of these individuals. (Again the insiders must go!)
Humbly yours,

Richard said...

The problem seems to be that IQ
and deception have replaced empathy
and community feeling in politics.
I have a longer post on this but will see if this sends.

rob said...

Kind of like a beauty pageant eh Peg.
That'd be fine as long as Hillary and Condi aren't in it I suppose.

Doc, I don't see that much fear in America. I see business as usual.

If I think back to the early sixties where my memory begins, there was elements of fear. Air raid sirens and drills. PSA's and such. Missile crisis'.Move on to the late sixties, civil unrest then Vietnam and so on and on.

It's business as usual. People are worried what color I'm gonna paint their wals and what tile we're gonna use for their petty little project.

FYI: World opinion of the US has been in decline since the end of WWII.

A part of the problem is as good as we think we are is just how base we are too. I exclude no one, especially myself. It takes a degree of honesty though to admit it.

Happy to see that you're off Hillary's bandwagon though:)

'Cause that would be irrational!

Peg said...

I like the word deception in this post of richard's. Who again pulls the strings poeple? Are things really in control at the grass roots level? And do we really win as much of the fight as we believe?
I feel I must stand firm and continue waging war against integrity and studpidity as long as I am able , but while I am MC at one theatre five more are being secretly opened!
The USA government has sold itself out and for what?
Greed? Power? Immorality? What?
And who is really in charge, do you believe it is the President?
Do you really believe being Democrat or Republican makes a difference?
Too many hidden agendas in the big picture. Slight of hand and juggling matches!
And the winner is....:-0{

rob said...

Okay I'll admit it,
I'm running out of empathy.

Doctor Logic said...

Hi Peg,

Your proposed political process sounds disturbingly similar to American Idol! LOL!

Unfortunately, I can see a lot of problems with your plan. For example, I don't see how this makes the election process any less of a shallow popularity contest.

Also, if you can easily throw out one president for the runner-up at any time, you're going to see the runner up do everything he can to persuade people that the sitting president isn't doing his job.

It also deprives the president of the ability to make a decision that's even slightly politically unpopular.

Finally, your scheme would require even more attention and participation on the part of the voters. As it stands, we can throw the bums out by working to elect candidates who will better serve us, the people.

I agree with you that we should get money out of politics. There should be no PACs, no corporate contributions, and at most small individual contributions. Only the very wealthy individuals can afford to throw $2000 (the current contribution limit) at their favored candidates. Campaigns should be publicly funded, and third party media messages should be heavily regulated. No lobbying for at least two years after you leave office.

Doctor Logic said...


I don't remember being on Hillary's bandwagon, but she gets my vote if she wins the nomination. :)

rob said...

After Kerry lost you did state that you would vote for Hillary in 2008.

Clark as I see it would be the better nominee though.

Whereas I haven't said a prayer in God know's how long, if things start to look close I may actually stammer out a couple words in his behalf.

Hillary sufficiently scares me enough to take a shot at it anyway.

Can't hurt.