Sunday, February 05, 2006

In Defense of God

I just found an eBook called In Defense of God that catalogs some of the moral inconsistency of the Bible.

Reading the book preview it becomes clear that the Bible is consistent with the writings of a primitive Bronze Age culture for whom racism, violence and sexual abuse would have been normal behavior. The authors of the Old Testament simply created God in their own image.

The author hasn't given up on theism (yet), but at least he has the sense to know that the God described in the Bible is less moral than most modern humans.


Peg said...

Apparently, or in my astute observation, he needs to examine the Bible more carefully...he has missed something very relevant!

sartresamigurumi said...

"Something very relevant". I do not see how the Bible is significant in any way other than as a historical document that illuminates nothing except what this small group of people believed and hints to how they lived. Cults that tell their female members not to interact in society are great at pointng out relevant portions of the Bible. What I think is more relevant, are the internalized messages that many people have from Biblical text regarding sexism and racism. It is valid and important to examine the source of such (often unconscious) beliefs and the consequences of such beliefs.

Peg said...

I have yet to find a passage where it speaks to women informing them not to interact with society! Yes, the Bible does explain the woman's role according to the church but does not hide them in society or limit them to their actions in society other than to tell them to act in responsible way, which they should be doing anyway.
Yes, the Bible is full of historical facts and the ways of life of many tribes and people and past civilizations.
As the Bible progresses to the New Testament era it indeed reminds us all of our life here on earth and to what purpose we belong.
Rather you choose to believe or not is an entirely different matter.
I am a Bible thumber and feel absolutely no 'regressions' in my role as a woman. And have many a times allowed myself the pleasure of spouting such claims.

But cults, yes are an entirely different entity and thus do not follow the teaches of the Bible as is truly stated. And are to be feared.

Peg said...

It's like talking to a bot!! Woe is me!! OR perhaps thin air! Either way I had my day! ;-0}
But I do so apologize for the typos...boy do I need to get a better system.!