Saturday, March 04, 2006

Magic Origins

I would like to introduce a new theory of origins called Magic Origins.

No more just-so stories about evolution, or intelligent aliens. In Magic Origins theory, the universe just popped into existence by magic.

Of all mechanisms, we know that magic can do this (by its very definition, anything can happen). In contrast, no one has demonstrated with certainty that any process or intelligence could have possibly engineered something on the scale of life or our universe. All we have seen so far is microengineering, not macroengineering. Microeveolution, not macroevolution.

Furthermore, there's no evidence that there is any über-designer behind ID. If there were, why don't the ID supporters go into the lab and demonstrate something simple, e.g., that humans can design and build multicellular life from scratch? We already know that the evolutionary biologists can't simulate macroevolution at the molecular level. The ID supporters are no better. Intelligence and design require immense resources, the likes of which have never been observed. Are we to suspend our gut feeling that the world is magical without an ironclad demonstration?

And, won't we all feel better once the universe has been explained as being magical in origin?

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Robin Zebrowski said...

I have a theory of Magic Carbon, which I use for many doubters of AI... Maybe we could publish a book together. "Causality and Magic".

It'd be a short book.