Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Robots of Death

Sunday night is Doctor Who night. Has been ever since my local PBS station aired entire stories Sundays at 11pm.

Last night I watched The Robots of Death, a story about robots run amok on a traveling mine. This story features one or two instances of spectacularly bad acting by some of the minor players, but, as with many episodes of the Tom Baker era, this story has some really great dialogue.

Like this line:
Doctor: To the rational mind, nothing is inexplicable, only unexplained.
This is exactly what I've been saying for the past few months!

This TV show rocked!

One more quote for the road:
Shadow: Now, Doctor. You are completely under my power.
Doctor: Really? You mean because of this? (taking off mind control device)
Aah, why not two:
Eldrad: What is the expansion factor?
Doctor: Why don't you just punch up 7438000 WHI 1212 72729 double one E8 EX 4111309 eleven 5... and then see what happens.


Nevin ":-)" said...

I've made Doctor Who an integral part of Sunday nights as well.
Actually, every night is Doctor Who night, as my kids are really into it. I just reserve Sunday nights for watching a whole episode. Last Sunday was the Stones of Blood.

Peg said...

Too daughter and I were watching him last night! Oh, such a small world. ;-0}

Peg said...

But then again, whom among us would be considered rational? ;-0}

Doctor Logic said...


Ahh, the Stones of Blood. One of my top 10 favorite episodes!

Last night, I watched "The Sunmakers."


I wouldn't have guessed you were a fellow Whoite, a Whovian, an Emissary of the White Guardian, a Whotopian... :)