Saturday, March 11, 2006

Time to Change that Diaper

Now might not be such a bad time to rub the Bushies' noses in it.

Bush has disgraced this country. A stain that will last for generations. A black mark against us and our children.

Last night I was listening to This American Life on the radio. An episode entitled "Habeus Schmabeus". Men are being held without cause or due process, tortured monthly, and all in my name. I was livid. You will be too.

Talk to those you know who voted for Bush. Ask them how they think it's going. If they don't admit to any shame, tell them they should do.

Point to all of the people Bush hired solely because of their business connections or ideology. Incompetent cronies hired to fill jobs that are supposed to protect and serve the American people. People like Michael Brown, or Claude Allen, or George Deutsch. For en extended list see TNR's guide to the Hackocracy or Public Citizen.

Just search Google and see what comes up at the top of the list...

Present the fiscally conservative Bushcompoops with some charts:

(Yes, you've been mugged.)

Bush security chicken hawks? Show them this chart showing a dramatic increase in terror attacks under Bush. Support the troops... with a Widow's Tax?

What's sickening is that the enumeration of Bush scandals and debacles can go on for hours. Corruption and incompetence are common threads throughout every policy decision in this administration, from national defense to the NASA.

Bush voters should be forced to take a long hard look at what they've done to this country and to themselves. Time to change that diaper.


Peg said...

Hey Doc, just came in to say Hi! Can't touch too much of this seeing as how I voted for Bush and well, had I a crystal ball to see what Kerry might have done and was willing to do, I still would have probably voted for Bush. (Kerry had a hidden agenda also and was a little too liberal for my taste!) Bush on the other hand, I saw what he had done and believed Kerry to be even (more) evil!
Bush, yes has thrown out the Constitution as the President before him had and the President before him had, etc.
Doc, this country is becoming a third world country just as was intended in the agenda carved before you or I were even
He has sold us out as did many other Presidents and those after him will.
I continue to stand tall, but Doc I all ready know what is/has/will happen and as I have said before, just one step closer.

Doctor Logic said...

Hi Peg,

I have a few questions for you.

Why vote at all if you don't think you can influence the policy of the country?

What would Kerry have done that so frightening? Kerry is a war hero who has dedicated his life to public service.

Who do you think intended the country to become third world and why?

Peg said...

Glad you asked, Doc! ;-0}
Kerry too, voted in favor of the Iraq war. He is anti-gun and pro-abortion, very important issues to me. I was also very much afraid of his wife, whom I believe to be socialist and very unethical, and Kerry, as in Mrs. Kerry, I felt would be running the country more than he! He too, is big government, something I oppose. Both Bush and Kerry are big government don’t get me wrong and they are both socialist in stance, the rhetoric is different tis all, but I felt I may have a chance blocking Bush then I would Kerry; thus, my vote.

Third world? Our industry and technology are being moved overseas, our economy is deteriorating by the government’s spending, and we are now a net food importer, no longer the food supplier.

There are more houses for sale on the market now then there have been in years and even though it is a buyers’ market, nothing is moving. People are in debt from plastic and using their mortgages as an ATM. The economy is close to collapse.

But on the brighter side as I have said before it has been in the works before FDR—League of Nations is a recruiter of one world government, economy, and so forth. The insiders at work are relentless. And as I have said, I say brighter side as it has also been predicted and the outcome will be of a grand design in the end!!

Robin Zebrowski said...

Someday I'll understand why all the people who are so incredibly pro-life and conservative are also in favor of waving guns around. I just do not understand how pro-life goes with pro-gun.

Am I nuts?

Doctor Logic said...


What kind of gun laws would you like to see?

Your freedom to own a gun is a liberal issue. It is liberalism that says that it's not up to me to tell you that you can't play with killing machines. Likewise, the same principle applies to abortion. What gives you the right to tell another woman she has to have an unwanted pregnancy? Surely, she has more cause to deny you a gun that might kill her, than you have to deny her an abortion that won't affect you in the slightest.

Remember, the opposite of liberal is authoritarian. All brutal dictatorships (including fascism and communism) are authoritarian. If it's okay for society to deny abortions, its okay for society to ban guns, SUV's, sex, certain kinds of foods (e.g. eating meat), certain books, etc.

In a liberal democracy, the people, through their government, try to persuade the populace to behave in a certain way. Laws are reserved to protect the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the people.

Besides, do you really think guns will be banned in the U.S.? Kerry doesn't want to do that. Even I don't think it would work. I do support decent legislation to prevent crazy people from getting their hands on guns. However, the more important task is to remedy the root causes of violence in this country. That means having an economy for everyone, not just the wealthy. Having decent education and healthcare. The "survival of the fittest" policies of the right drive people to take up violence. It's a scientific fact.

Third world? Our industry and technology are being moved overseas, our economy is deteriorating by the government’s spending, and we are now a net food importer, no longer the food supplier.

This may be true, but isn't it due to the fact that we don't have good government? Even ignoring the national debt, most people in this country have zero or less net worth. This isn't due to the government's action. This is due to corporations operating in a free market, telling people to buy stuff they cannot afford. Only government can stop America's deterioration.

Free markets don't value Americans any more than anyone else. They value only skills, education and technology, which most Americans aren't encouraged to get. Meanwhile, other countries make efforts to create good, disciplined, public education, job training, and national technology initiatives. If anything, free markets favor economies with smart government control.

Bush isn't a socialist. He is a corrupt corporatist. None of his actions favor equitable redistribution of wealth. They favor increasing the wealth of the wealthy at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

Doctor Logic said...


Good point!