Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pat Robertson. At it again

Pat Robertson now says that God told him that the U.S. will be "lashed by storms," and that a tsunami may strike the Pacific Northwest.

That's interesting because I didn't realize that God spoke to Robertson through the Weather and Discovery Channels. Just the other day, God told me that the U.S. is lashed by storms every other day! And God predicted for me that tsunami might hit the Pacific coast, just as they have in the past.

Don't be silly, Pat! Of course God doesn't talk to us via the telly. God talks to the scientists, and then the scientists talk to us on TV.

Well, Pat, God told me that there's going to be flooding in the U.S. next year. And drought, too. And an earthquake. You can use that on your show, but only if you cut me in for a share of the profits and conflict diamonds.

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sartresamigurumi said...

God told me that US would also experience tornados next year. Maybe he thought my resume said meteorologist instead of microbiologist.