Saturday, June 24, 2006

Don't Forget

Over the last three years, the commonly accepted story of the Iraq War debacle has morphed into a tale about failures of the CIA, or even cherry-picking by the Vice President's war cabal.

The cherry-picking was bad enough, but let's not forget (as I did) what the administration's actions were following the invasion. Weapons sites were left unguarded, even those where WMD components were known to have existed. While nuclear components and hundreds of tons of explosives were looted by insurgents or black-marketeers, the U.S. military secured... the Oil Ministry.

Had the administration actually believed that the weapons existed, its first priority would have been to prevent those weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists. So, either the administration is negligent beyond belief, or it knew full well that no weapons of mass destruction existed in Iraq before the invasion.

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