Friday, September 01, 2006

Gene Therapy

The National Cancer Institute has demonstrated a cancer-fighting technique based on gene therapy. The study involved only 17 patients, but it sounds highly significant. Each patient gave up immune cells that were genetically modified to fight their cancer. The immune cells were then multiplied and injected back into the patient. Two patients who were expected to live only 3-6 months were cured.


Mark J Musante said...

Wow. That is awesome news.

Robin Zebrowski said...

I'm one of those cynical jerks who thinks cancer could've been cured years ago if fighting cancer wasn't such big business for big pharmaceuticals.

But yeah, this is definitely awesome :)

Doctor Logic said...

Ooh! That's cynical, even by my standards.

Not that I don't suspect that cancer might have been cured years ago. I wonder if research is sufficiently aggressive, especially on patients who are not expected to live long.