Monday, June 04, 2007

The Barbarians are at the gates!

So, I'm visiting a Borders bookstore when I find a really nice atheist-themed end-cap.

I came across Victor Stenger's God: The Failed Hypothesis, and it's a great book. It makes a lot of the same points I have made over the last few years.

I also read some excerpts of God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. I quite enjoyed what I read, but it's not the kind of thing I like to read for extended periods. It's a bit depressing.

This end-cap was in a nice prominent position in the store, so I had a good feeling...

Until I got to the very back of the science section, and was horrified to see three "Politically Incorrect Guides" under the "new and noteworthy in science" end cap.

First there was Tom Bethell's PIG "Science".

This book aims to tell you lies about any science whenever that science contradicts conservative or theistic sacred cows. For example, it promises to bust the "myth" that Darwinian evolution is supported by overwhelming evidence, as 99% of biologists believe it is.

Very creepy indeed, but at least this book looks like it's a joke.

Then there was the PIG anti-global warming book, reassuring that the Earth has been hotter than it is now. Wow! I feel so much better!

I pity the fool that buys and believes any of this trash.

And what compendium of ignorance and stupidity would be complete without a book by Jonathan Wells?

It's the standard Intelligent Design conspiracy theories and distortions packed into one handy paperback.

You know, it did not escape my notice that we can remove one word from the titles of all these books and drastically improve them. (Hint: It's "Politically".)

Fortunately, this end cap was hidden away at the back of the science section, where there was very little room to stand in front of it. Still creepy though.


Peg said...

Hi there Doc! Well, to make you feel better and me perhaps, not! Borders was willing to take my books I have written, give me about 40 cents whilst they take $1.25 profit and to boot! put my books in a spin rack!! So how credible can they be!? ;-0} Especially giving front row to the atheists! But then, we are politically correct, are we not! Uh, touhe`?
Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39 produce some fashionable tones for all of us who feel compelled to believe the unbelievable. And trust me Doc, you are not alone!

Good to see you pounding away in search of the truth! ;-0}
Have a great day!

Robin said...

I forgot to comment on this when I first saw it, but I'm glad you posted this. I don't go to Borders often (I save up all my book-lust for Powell's) but I might pop in to see if my Borders has an atheism display, too. If they do, I'm going to thank someone!