Thursday, December 06, 2012

Theistic Evolution Is Silly

Believing that a designer-God guided evolution is irrational. I've written about this before.

If a God wants to create life, God doesn't need descent, common descent, common composition, sequential introduction of features over time, extinction or evolution. God doesn't need physical life at all because ghosts will do fine; with a designer, there's no need to expect life to be consistent with physics, so God has no use for fine-tuning.

Evolution is restricted in what it can do (as ID advocates are fond of reminding us), whereas an all-powerful designer doesn't have these limitations. Consequently, the number of possible life-bearing worlds that can be created by God is vastly greater than what can be created by unguided evolution. Many, many orders of magnitude greater, and an insignificant/infinitesimal fraction of God's life-bearing worlds look evolved.

Thus, finding ourselves in an evolved world means that we should have extremely high confidence that life was not designed.

P(apparently evolved life|God) is infinitesimal compared to P(apparently evolved life|unguided evolution).

This inference is extremely strong.

Of course, there are other arguments for theism, but the argument above has extremely strong probabilistic power. If you cook up a philosophical argument that makes you 10x (or even 100x) more confident in theism, such an argument pales in comparison with the many, many orders of magnitude you get from evolutionary biology in favor of physicalism.